The Only Affordable Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Sheets & Tubes

Industrial quality starting under $60,000

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Introducing FabLight

A machine that packs a ton of capability into its small size.

Image of FabLight metal laser cutter
Stacks of sheet metal


Cuts (& engraves) sheets up to 25”x50” — fits 1/4 of a standard 4’x8’ sheet (or metric 600x1200mm).

Round and square steel tubes


Cuts (& engraves) tubes — both square & round — between 0.5” and 2” diameter, up to 50” long (and up to 10 feet long with upgrade).

Gantry of the FabLight

Industrial Quality

Uses a robust fiber laser — with no moving parts — to provide 1,500W of power (or more), along with rugged servo motors and a heavy-duty motion controller.

The FabLight is 21 square feet, 40 by 74 inches


With a footprint under 21 square feet (40"x74"), and a drawer for loading material, it fits into the limited space you have available — including up against a wall.

Tube extension upgrade accepts 80" tubes

Animation showing tube inserting into extension.

Cut longer tubes on the same machine

Standard tube length is 50", but now cut over 6-foot tubes with this add-on.

Cut metal with light —
extremely precisely.

Small cut parts next to a quarter

Provides Perfect Precision

Make tiny, intricate parts since the laser beam removes only a hair’s worth of material (0.004” kerf).

Stack of different sheet metals

Cut & Engrave Many Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Spring steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Titanium
Constant distance between nozzle and part due to special head sensor

Keeps Constant Control

A special tracking sensor in the cutting head maintains the optimal cut & engraving distance.

No Installation Required

Roll the FabLight into your shop, screw down the feet, and you're ready to cut.

Industrial outlet

No special wiring required

Plugs into a single 110V, 20A outlet (also works with 220V)

Large chiller

No noisy chiller required

FabLight is entirely air cooled

Nitrogen gas tank

No special gases required

Cuts with only shop air that's oil and moisture free (150psi, 3cfm)

Ducting elbow

No external ventilation or ductwork required

Uses only a HEPA filter dust collector

Green laser safety glasses

No eyewear required

Class I safety enclosure

Cheap to run

Coiled fiber laser

Low Maintenance

Fiber laser has no expensive lamps to replace or mirrors to clean & align.


Low power

Energy-efficient laser and motors cost less than $1/hour, to run — similar to a hair dryer.

Footprint schematic shows 21 square feet

Low Space

Compact footprint takes up less than 21 square feet of valuable real estate, and fits into small spaces.

Nitrogen gas tank

Low Flow

If you choose to use special gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon), the low-flow nozzle lets through only 3 cfm.

Included software keeps it simple

No "programming" required! Our FabCreator software processes industry standard DXF files quickly and easily, with minimal training.

Use any CAD to generate DXFs. Solidworks plugin available for unwrapping tubes.

3D gear CAD model

Simply import the DXF for 2D sheet parts.

2D DXF gear CAD model

Our software also wraps DXFs for 3D tube parts.

Screenshot of tube wrapping software

Safe enough to use in any shop environment

Typical machine shop
  • The laser is fully trapped (Class I), and the power is cut off when any door is open.
  • Good for any industrial, R&D, or academic space.
    • No safety glasses or separate room required
    • No smoke or toxic fumes produced
    • Fine particles are HEPA filtered out
  • Sheet metal 2’x4’ is big enough for most projects, but small enough to handle safely.